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Trauma Constellations Revisited

A three day workshop demonstrating the creative fusion of somatic trauma approaches and systemic constellations

Changes in our society evolve rapidly. Small changes in systemically interconnected systems bring about effects in various domains simultaneously. Our knowledge about the biopsychospiritual system called “human being” is exponentially growing and we need to re-learn what we knew in every instant. We now have a deeper understand of the human condition than ever before - especially about the way how we are both separate and yet intricately connected at the same time.

The field of trauma work and interpersonal biology especially challenges previous views on how to work with personal dynamics. Somatic (body-based) understanding of personal dynamics widened our view on the limitations and potentials of systemic constellation work. The fusion of these two potent approaches increases the relevance of personal work for our clients. When we come from these places of deeper understanding we open doorways to work more gently, effectively and in tune with others and what supports them from the inside out. This is especially true of those often unseen and misunderstood places where trauma has embedded in the body and derailed our course of life. Consequently, recurrent reflection on our approaches to access issues of clients and invite processes of repatterning on multiple levels is mandatory for all serious facilitating.

In this workshop, we will critically reflect on the concepts and practices of systemic constellation work. Johannes B. Schmidt will work with participants’ processes using his integrative view and practice. As a seasoned facilitator who has been setting up constellations extensively since 1994, Johannes has integrated approaches from body-based trauma work, principles of craniosacral biodynamics, experiences with pre- and perinatal psychology, constructivist systemic work, interpersonal neurobiology, and mindfulness practice to name only a few.

Johannes’ slow-motion constellations and his focus on inner dynamics rather than family entanglements opens constellation work to a wide range of applications.  His integration of conception issues, intrauterine life and birth dynamics as well as bonding and attachment styles enables him to work in the non-verbal domain of human development facilitating complex trauma healing.  Focusing on self-regulation, he challenges our view on independence and autonomy.  In his work, a space of stillness and silent participation opens and invites deeply felt contact and connection that profoundly affects our being-nature. Witnessing this work is entering a space of true transformative intimacy.


Johannes Benedikt Schmidt

Seminar Presenter:

I am delighted that Johannes Benedikt Schmidt has accepted my invitation to come to Canada to facilitate a three day workshop.  I consider Johannes to be a model for facilitators in the constellations field.  He brings a gentle, safe approach to some of the most difficult human conditions that are looking for healing.  In my trainings, I recommend his book “Inner Navigation” as the benchmark for teaching the process of facilitating.
Jonathan Hooton, Constellations Facilitator, trainer and workshop organizer

Johannes Benedikt Schmidt, PhD, holds an M.A. in Psychology, M. A. in Human Development, and a PhD from Fielding Graduate University Santa Barbara, CA for his reseach on the Transcendent in Psychotherapy. Johannes experienced his first constellation in 1988 and subsequently was an early adopter of constellation work. He has been been working as workshop presenter, consultant, and psychotherapist for 25 years. Johannes has been trained in Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Constructivist-Systemic Work, Constellation Work, Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, Structural Dissociation Work, Psychotraumatology, Subtle Self Work, and Craniosacral Biodynamics.

Johannes was originally trained in agriculture, worked for an insurance company and freelanced for consulting companies. Today, he teaches in mostly in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In 2009 Johannes came for the first time to Canada and offered seminars in Systemic Constellation Work, and Trauma Work. He facilitates solutions for individuals, companies and family businesses. He is the author of Inner Navigation – trauma healing and constellations process work as navigational tool for the evolution of your true self which can be ordered via his website http://www.aptitude-academy.com/literatur/innere-navigation.php


24. Mai 2019  –  26. Mai 2019

9 am - 5 pm each day



Providence Renewal Centre
3005 - 119 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Accommodation and Meals at Providence Renewal Centre
Group rate booked by 30th April 2019 through Jonathan

Single rooms with shared bath:  $45.00 per night

Double room with bath:
Single occupancy:        $70.00 per night
Double occupancy:       $90.00 per night

Breakfast: $8.75/person
Lunch: $14.00/person
Supper: $14.00/person


$675 (early bird of $625 by 31st March 2019)
$200 deposit to hold your place
Refunds, less $100, are available until 30th April 2019
All prices are in Canadian dollars

Anmeldung und Information

Registration, accomodation and meals:

Jonathan Hooton
(780) 426 - 1508